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The horse is a symbol of freedom, power and wisdom for people around the world. For this reaso faken, the depiction of horses remains the subject of artistic creation.

The astronomical calendar differs from the typical display and traditional mechanisms that make up most permian calendars. Springs, levers and central program wheels no longer exist and rotate every four years. Instead, it is aplex but relatively simple gear system that controls everything: 67 of them have 10,000-year-old functions, while 19 parts make up what Cartier calls the "brain".

Although sometimes part of a brand marketing approach, the value of stone almost never exceeds aesthetics. Diamonds on these watches are used because they happen to be special carbon and can be lucky enough to be exposed to extreme pressures near the center of the earth, but their position on the watch must be balanc luxury watches replicaed relative to their overall design.

Marathon Pilots Navigator - about $200 What makes it hard? Impact-resistant, lightweight casing, air hose won't quit.

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Price: EUR 15,000.

On the edge: ONOS Bauhaus

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