What’s in the name

Dworkin Barimen is a character in Roger Zelazny‘s The Chronicles of Amber. It is said that he has created the Pattern, and he drew the Unicorn Trumps which the royal family now uses to stay in touch with one another. Everyone who was reading the chronicles remembered him as:


“…the mad artist Dworkin Barimen, that wild-eyed hunchback who had been a sorcerer, priest, or psychiatrist — the stories conflicted on this point — from some distant Shadow where Dad had saved him from a disastrous fate he had brought upon himself. The details were unknown, but he had always been a bit off his rocker since that time. Still, he was a great artist, and it was undeniable that he possessed some strange power. He had vanished ages ago, after creating the cards and tracing the Pattern in Amber. We had often speculated about him, but no one seemed to know his whereabouts. Perhaps Dad had done him in, to keep his secrets secret.” – Corwin

But we prefer to focus on his own words:


“..It would be simpler to destroy everything and try a new start..”

We, in Dworkin, believe that everything is possible when you love what you are doing with oldest and honest mankind’s passion to create something new. We do not afraid to try a new start, to make new experiments, to create new worlds, to make life better. There are a lot of places on Earth, where people need to have intuitively simple payment solutions however they are living in completely unbanked sphere. We are not pioneers in this business, but we were among first in the past and have enough experience to make your business among best in the future.  Let’s do it together!