In opposite to development mode with code compilation and running using one sbt runAll command, it requires more actions to build Dworkin distributives for deployment to production environment. To prepare production packages locate example script under the scripts folder in Dworkin source code and run it. Before running it requires to define user variable DWORKIN_HOME with path to Dworkin source code folder: script contains the following commands:

It uses sbt dist command to build application service distributive archives. After unzip execution all distributive binaries are copied to $DWORKIN_HOME/dist folder.

To run each required service in production mode use the following script example:

In this example cardprovider-service is running with play.crypto.secret parameter and with overrided service module config file specified in config.file param. It is recommended not to modify application.conf located in source folder, but to extend it with external config file located in production environment. Here is example of external cardprovider.conf service module config:


As seen above it includes existing module config and overrides its entries with new values correlated to service execution environment.