Customer service

Customer service has the same structure as previously described Administrative service and produces external API methods oriented on customer payment related operations.

In opposite to administrative-service customer API uses different authentication approach (except 2 methods – customer login and customer register, that require administrative message digest verification based on account secret key). Once account has authenticated the customer in system it obtains unique token with limited life time. This token can be used for future customer request verification across customer-service API methods using request header.

Customer API service can be used for B2C web sites creation , allowing end customer to register, log in and use various payment services provided by merchant. Each merchant account inside Dworkin system can implement their own B2C site with its own unique business functions. Out of box Dworkin provides possibilities for end-user registration, to log in, to view card list, to retrieve balance and transaction history, to transfer funds between own cards and transfer to another customer using his mobile phone as id. Besides that Dworkin provides possibility to deposit funds to card account using integration with card acquiring system. Please visit Dworkin Customer Swagger UI for better understanding of existing functions.