The main purpose of this section is to show how the basic functions and capabilities of Dworkin’s framework can be implemented and used.


What in Demo ?

Dworkin demo environment consists of the following components:


1. Dworkin Wallet application

Dworkin wallet is an web example of Dworkin Customer API implementation with options for customer registration and sign in, wallet/virtual Mastercard creation, profile management,  balance and transaction retrieval, cash in via test credit card and cash out operations. Feel free to sign up and test it yourself:

2. Telegram bot

Telegram bot containing customer registration, sign in, checking accounts balance, transaction retrieval and funds transfer between own wallets and transfer to a friend’s account using mobile phone number


3. Merchant admin console

Dworkin admin is an example of Administrative Merchant API implementation with possibility to manage merchant accounts, cards, countries, customers, currencies, transactions and operations
Testing credentials:
Login ID: dworkin
Password: olga11235

4. Dworkin Framework REST API

Dworkin includes Swagger for API documentation and testing. Customer and administrative API available on following links:

Customer API:

Merchant API: