The Dworkin, customisable multi-purpose Java payment card API framework

Why Dworkin?

The Dworkin framework is the fastest way to build e-wallet or card enabled payment application to offer your customers various financial services such as instant virtual/physical card issuing, transfer of funds, cash in/cash out capabilities.

The Dworkin framework is built on the top of the latest business and industry proven IT technologies like Play, Consul and Lagom, allowing to develop resilient and robustly balanced decentralised fintech applications 

The Dworkin can be integrated with various card processing services allowing to instantly issue and consume card products. 

Starting from DB to exposing API endpoints – everything is designed in reactive non-blocking manner. Process more at a higher speed. Stable, scalable and reliable

The Dworkin framework produces set of lightweight JSON based REST APIs  allowing to seamlessly exchange data traffic between micro-services

Your application can be easily expanded by using SMS, IVR, e-mail notifications, currency exchange rates, cash-in & cash-out API methods, bill payments, payroll projects, admin panels, b2c websites, financial reporting tools, etc. due to amazingly flexible Dworkin architecture

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